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jeudi 27 juin 2024




°12 oz. Pkg.Of Rotini.
°24 oz box. Of pizza sauce.
°1 cup diced pepperoni.
°½ cup whole pepperoni.
°2 ½ cups. Mozzarella cheese – grated.
°1 teaspoon of oregano – dried. 


Step Two – The next step is to prepare the pasta by cooking it according to the recommendations on the box.

Step Three – Drain, then return the liquid to the pan. Add pizza sauce, chopped pepperoni and 1½ cups of mozzarella cheese. After mixing, pour the contents into a casserole dish.

Step Four – To finish your dish, sprinkle the last cup of cheese on top. After that, top the pizza with whole slices of pepperoni and oregano.

Step Five – Bake for seven to ten minutes, or until the cheese has melted, whichever comes first. Remove from the oven and serve to Enjoy !

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