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lundi 1 juillet 2024

The tiramisu is cold and light



 - Sugar: 5 tablespoons

 - Eggs: 3 pcs

 - Mascarpone cheese: 350 gr

 - Biscuits: 200 gr (LANGUE DE CHAT)

 - Cocoa powder: a pinch

 - Coffee: 3 cups

 - Vanilla: a pinch

How to prepare

 1. Mix the egg yolks with 3 tablespoons of sugar until the mixture becomes consistent.

 2. Add vanilla and cheese to the egg yolks, and stir the mixture well.

 3. Beat the egg whites separately, then add two tablespoons of sugar and mix the mixture well.

 4. Add the cheese mixture to the egg white mixture.

 5. Dip the biscuit fingers in coffee and then in cocoa powder.

 6. We place the ingredients in the tray in layers, with the first layer being biscuit sticks and adding a little cocoa powder to them when finished.

 7. Place the tiramisu tray in the refrigerator  overnight, then serve cold.

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