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mardi 31 mai 2022

Crispy Shredded Chicken


Main Ingredients
▢250 g Boneless chicken thigh/breast
▢1 Egg white
▢1 cup Corn/potato flour
▢½ Bell pepper
▢3-4 Spring onions
▢3 Cloves Garlic
▢Oil for frying

▢1 tbsp Light soy sauce
▢1 tsp Garlic paste
▢1 tsp Sesame oil
▢½ tsp Sugar
▢¼ tsp Black pepper
Stir Fry Sauce
▢2 tbsp Light soy sauce
▢1 tsp Dark soy sauce
▢2 tbsp Fresh lemon juice
▢2 tbsp Honey


Cut chicken into thin strips. Marinate the chicken strips with the all ingredients in the marinate list. Mix well and marinate for 15 mins.
Cut bell pepper into thin slices. Cut spring onions into 1″ pieces.
In a small bowl mix all the ingredients from the stir fry sauce list and set aside.
Break one egg white into the the marinated chicken strips. Mix well.
Coat the chicken strips with one cup of corn/potato flour. Make sure all the chicken strips are separated. ( Add more flour if needed ) Toss the excess flour out before frying.
Heat the oil into high heat about 350° F. Add the coated chicken and deep fry for 1-2 mins till crispy golden brown.
Remove from oil and transfer to paper towel or cooling rack.
Heat the wok/pan to medium high heat. Drizzle a tablespoon of oil, add the garlic and stir for few seconds, then add the bell pepper slices and stir for few seconds.
Pour the sauce mix, let it simmer for 5 seconds, add the chicken strips in, add the spring onions. Stir well to combine all ingredients with high heat for 1- 2 mins.
Transfer to serving plate. Serve immediately!
Match with hot steamed/cooked rice or stir fry noodle. Perfect as a savoury snack or starter. Enjoy!

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