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dimanche 28 janvier 2024





.hopped cooked chicken breasts, I used two cups.
.Half a Cup.Of mayonnaise.
.Chopped stalk celery.
.One green onion, I diced it, you can also use chives or red onion.
.A small spoon.Of dijon mustard.
.Half a small spoon.Of seasoned salt.
.Cracked pepper, to taste.
.A small spoon.Of fresh dill.
.Sliced Tomatoes.
.Lettuce leaves.
.Any kind of bread will work for this chicken salad sandwich dish; thick pieces of baguette or buns/rolls are particularly suitable


First Step:
The first thing to do is cooking the chicken breasts the way you prefer, and when it’s done, let it cool for few minutes and chopped them into small pieces.
Second Step:
After that, and In a small mixing bowl, you need to combine all of the ingredients and thoroughly incorporate them.
Third Step:
Following that, it’s Time to Taste and season with salt and pepper to your liking.
Fourth Step:
And last but not least, serve as a sandwich or as a topping for a salad.

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